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We offer high quality relaxation massages for more than 5 years now and recently we redirected our focus and started offering our Relaxation Massage and Hot Stone Massage services to individuals, businesses, organisations, wellness centers, and companies alike.

Listening to the feedback of our clients, it came to our knowledge that there is a desire for (relaxation) massages at the office or other work related locations. A ten minute rub on the shoulders, calves, feet, neck, hands, and so forth during work times would positively and significantly stimulate their well-being. Businesses and organisers of festivals or other gatherings, could give it a thought to bring in the skills of a professional relaxation masseur during work for their personnel. With the butterfly effect in mind, this will lead to relaxed staff members. Who, on their turn, affectively contribute to the well-being and satisfaction of your clients or guests.

Precisely what we aim for here at Chakramas.

We offer our services on your location or at Chakramas.
Please contact us with any proposal you have in mind.
We are more than grateful to welcome you and your ideas and communicate about the possibilities on how to manifest them.

Who can make use of our services?

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Our relaxation massage and our Hot Stone massage are given in the area of Ghent Gent Nevele Deinze Lovendegem Hansbeke Merendree Sint-Martens-Latem Drongen Lievegem Aalter Eeklo Maldegem Nazareth Oudenaarde Waregem Tielt