Chakramas - Relaxation Massage & Hot Stone Massage.

To maintain the high quality of our provided services, the following policies and procedures are to be read carefully and respected.

Who can make use of our services?

We accomodate businesses and organisers of events, festivals, and private parties like bachelor/bachelorette parties. Also managers of hotels, b&b's, wellness centers and similar leisure accomodations are invited to inquire information on our Relaxation Massage & Hot Stone Massage services, be it for their guests or their employees.

Special happenings and sport events, institutions and other organisations or gatherings that could benefit from our relaxing services are more than welcome to inform us about their ideas, suggestions and proposals.

By exception individual clients can book our services per hour. These appointments are not on location. This means that individual clients come to the massage practice.


Chakramas' standard opening hours are Monday through Friday from 09:00 until 17:00 and on Saturday from 10:00 until 16:00. We'll need one hour before and maximum one hour after our standard opening hours for preparation and cleaning up. If your business, organisation or wellness center requires massages outside of our standard opening hours then please contact us with your ideas, suggestions or proposals. We gladly look into possibilities to accommodate them. 

Appointments can be made through e-mail, our contact form, telephone, WhatsApp, and social media. Chakramas will verify the appointment via (do not reply to this e-mail address). Without this e-mail the appointment is not confirmed and thus invalid. 
For questions, cancelling or re-scheduling the appointment you may contact us by phone +32479078405 or through e-mail

 In case regular massage appointments are desired Chakramas suggests you book your appointments ahead in time to assure a continuous service.


Cancellations can be done through phone: +32 479 07 84 05 or email:

1 day prior to scheduled date: Full amount will be charged.
2 days prior to scheduled date: We charge 90%
3 days prior to scheduled date: We charge 60%
4 days prior to scheduled date: We charge 30%
5 days prior to scheduled date: Free of costs.

- late: In order to stay on schedule for all our clients, we could shorten our client’s service time when the client arrives too late for the appointment. This session will be fully charged according to the agreement.

- sick: We do not massage clients who are sick. We suggest our client to stay home and take the utmost care of themselves. We do not reimburse the scheduled appointment but we’ll gladly reschedule it.

- no show: When a client doesn’t show up and has not cancelled the appointment, we’ll charge the full amount the client and Chakramas agreed upon. In case of several no shows we hold the right to no longer offer our services to this client.


Hot Stone massages

*Bruises and sprains
We cannot massage these areas with hot stones.

In general we do not massage people with rheumatism. However when the inflammation is not active an exception can be made. It’s best to check with your medical expert/doctor prior to scheduled massage therapy.

In this case we are extra careful with touching the skin and will continuously check with our client if the massage is still comfortable. Hot Stone massages are not advised but can be given. The stones will be set to lukewarm in this scenario.

We don’t offer hot stone massages to clients who are pregnant.

*Varicose Veins
We do not massage the area that has varicose veins. Not with our hands nor with hot stones.


***We do not offer (Hot Stone) massages to clients that have any of the following conditions:

*Skin Inflammations
*High Blood Pressure
*Burn Out
*Fever/Cold/Flu/Contagious Diseases
*Recent Surgery
*Acute Injuries
*Intoxicated with Medicines, Drugs or Alcohol.


Payments are done in advance or directly after the scheduled massage.

We accept cash, bank transfers (in advance) and QR payments only at this point.


We offer our services to minors only when they are accompanied by their care takers.

Care takers are present during the whole massage.


We offer our services to people with a mental or physical disability. To ensure a fulfilling relaxing and smooth experience we require a medical document, signed by the client's physician, stating that the client can safely enjoy a relaxation massage.  At times we may also ask for a care taker to be present during the session. The latter is often the case when the client's disibility requires skills and monitoring during massages that we, at Chakramas, are not qualified for.


Cellphones are not allowed in the massage practice nor on location in the rooms.

Exceptions are made when clients expect calls that can be of urgent matter.


During our service we gladly adjust the volume of the music or the amount of the aroma to your likings and needs. This includes altering the pressure during the massage or alter the time spend on specific locations. 
The client may refuse any massage method, stop massage at any moment and is free to leave at any time.
We always modestly drape our clients and only the area being massaged will be undraped.

Professional Boundaries

Our full body Relaxation Massage or Hot Stone Massage covers most parts of the body. We exclude massaging breasts or genital areas. To give a massage on the low back, the hip and the gluteal area, we need specific permission of our client to do so. This massage can also be done through the draping or through the client's clothing. Clients are free to wear clothing they feel comfortable in. However, the client is advised to choose clothing that fit loosely and is preferably thin of fabric to allow for a better massage experience.

Confidentiality and Conversations

The conversations between the massage therapist and the client are always confidential. That being said the client may choose to not talk at all and experience the massage in silence.
In case of conversation we prefer to not discuss topics related to religion or politics.

Medical conditions (new and old)

It is the responsibility of the client to keep us informed of any medical treatment currently being taken, and to provide written permission from the physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, etc., that the massage may be continued.
The client must also keep us informed of any changes in health conditions.

Thank you!

We appreciate it a lot that you've taken the time to read our policy. Our policy is regularly updated and we fine-tune it according to the development of our ideas, the market, and the feedback of our clients. Feel free to contact us with your ideas, suggestions and proposals. We are grateful for your thoughts and gladly look into the possibilities of implementing them in our future policy updates and business endeavors. 

With our utmost gratitude and kindest regards,


Our relaxation massage and our Hot Stone massage are given in the area of Ghent Gent Nevele Deinze Lovendegem Hansbeke Merendree Sint-Martens-Latem Drongen Lievegem Aalter Eeklo Maldegem Nazareth Oudenaarde Waregem Tielt